Lean 6 Sigma: proving root cause of failure in mining to guarantee improvement

  • 1
    Identify possible causes.
    Identify all the likely causes of the problem (e.g. poor rock fragmentation) and rank them in sequence of likelihood.
  • 2
    Relate causes to the problem.
    Gather data about the most likely causes (e.g. rainfall, poor drilling to plan, incorrect hole depths, etc), and use it to compare to the problem.
  • 3
    'Prove' causes using simple statistical methods.
    Correlate the 'hypothesised' causes to the problem to identify and demonstrate causal linkage. Acting on proven causal links guarantees significant improvement.


aorist Mining Lean 6 Sigma

Achieve step-change improvement in the processes in your mine to get the results you need.

Effective step-change process improvement, defect removal and variation reduction is critical to successfully increasing output and reducing costs in complex and inter-dependent mine processes. Through our years of experience in helping clients achieve step-change improvements to their processes, we can help you increase output and reduce costs in your mine.

Lean 6 Sigma mining case study - step-change performance improvement in drill and blast

  • mining blasting rock fragmentation improvement in lean 6 sigma project Problem
    Poor rock fragmentation at ~90% on average passing 750mm.
  • 1. We sampled holes each day
    To measure the location, quality and consistency of the holes.
  • 2. We plotted the results
    So we could understand whether the problem was systemic or not.
  • 3. We addressed systemic issues
    To remove them from the process and prevent their recurrence.
  • 4. We continued to sample
    To ensure the changes were improvements, and were sustainable.
  • mining blasting rock fragmentation improvement worth $12,000,000 p.a. in lean 6 sigma project Result
    98.8% rock passing 750mm, worth $12,000,000 per annum in increased production. Businesses typically benefit from a 50 - 100+ times rate of return, when measuring the cost of an aorist Lean 6 Sigma or Lean training course and coaching against the benefits derived from applying it the very first time in their mine.

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