Lean 6 Sigma: proving root cause of failure in mining to guarantee improvement

  • 1
    Identify possible causes.
    Identify all the likely causes of the problem (e.g. poor rock fragmentation) and rank them in sequence of likelihood.
  • 2
    Relate causes to the problem.
    Gather data about the most likely causes (e.g. rainfall, poor drilling to plan, incorrect hole depths, etc), and use it to compare to the problem.
  • 3
    'Prove' causes using simple statistical methods.
    Correlate the 'hypothesised' causes to the problem to identify and demonstrate causal linkage. Acting on proven causal links guarantees significant improvement.


  •     6 Sigma lets us find the root causes of problems and fix them, ... permanently.
    A.F. Supervisor
  •     I can see now why the focus in 6 Sigma is about using data. This has helped us find the cause of a problem that would have taken ages to find otherwise, and has dogged us for years!
    H.d.B. Head Of Engineering

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Lean 6 Sigma mining case study - reducing environmental reclamation costs