The Lean 6 Sigma mine Process Model

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    Control Surface.
    The Control Surface contains all the controls in the model which you can adjust to show "what happens if ...?".
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    The dashboard has the charts and graphs you need so you can see what happens to key performance indicators when you make changes via the Dashboard.
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    Systems Dynamics model.
    The Systems Dynamics Model processes the key parameters that you set from the Control Surface, and displays the results on the Dashboard. The Model contains all the key relationships for your chosen mine processes.


  •     We saved $500,000 in our first model, by not buying plant we didn't need.
    P.T. Technical Services Manager
  •     These models can give us real insights into the effects of proposed changes, and help us make sure all improvements deliver the results we need.
    P.K. Mining Manager

Lean 6 Sigma Mine Process Dynamics Modeling

Understand exactly what to improve in your mine to get the results you need.

Effective understanding is critical to successfully increasing output and reducing costs in complex and inter-dependent mine processes. Through our deep expertise in building systems dynamics models that are highly realistic, and where all inputs, feedback loops and processes vary and interact; as in real life, we can help you pinpoint bottlenecks and visualise the effects of change - before you make it.

You can accurately predict the impact of investment and / or business improvement activity on output and cost, and identify where best to deploy investment and / or Lean or 6 Sigma improvement in your mine.

You can see a video of a Process Dynamics mining model being used if you click the first button below. A separate window may open (depending on your browser), and a video showing the model working will play via YouTube. The video has been highly-compressed to reduce bandwidth requirements as far as possible. It will run best with the YouTube video player set to 720p HD and running Full Screen.

Alternatively, if YouTube is blocked on your mine or your mine doesn't have sufficient bandwidth, simply click the second button below, and ask for a time-limited link to our file-sharing server, where we can provide you with a copy of the video to download.

see a Process Dynamics mining model running

request a copy of the Process Dynamics mining model video to download

Lean 6 Sigma Process Dynamics Modeling case study - improving mine Plant throughput